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The Application Of Magnesium Sulfate In Feed Additive
- Jun 29, 2018 -

Magnesium Sulfate is mostly used as feed additive as a supplement to magnesium in feed processing. Magnesium is a factor which can not be lacking when the animal is involved in the process of bone making and muscle contraction. It is a activator of many kinds of enzymes in the animal and poultry. It plays an important role in the metabolism of material and the function of nerve in the animal and poultry.

When animals are short of magnesium, they are blocked by growth, nervousness, muscle tremors, spasms, anorexia, muscle convulsions, convulsions, and even coma. The newly hatched chicks died in a few days without magnesium feed and died in a few days. If they were fed low magnesium feed, they grew slowly, easily frightened and comatose; the egg laying chicken was less magnesium, and the egg weight, the egg shell weight decreased, and severe, gradually numbness and even death.  When fish are deficient in magnesium, their growth is blocked and trout bones are deformed. When ruminants lack magnesium, they are neurotic, muscle tremor, breathing weakened, heart beating faster, facial convulsions, convulsions, until death.

Excessive magnesium can cause animal poisoning, light diarrhea, dyskinesia, lethargy, heavy food consumption and even death. The production of magnesium in laying chicken is excessive, but the egg production rate decreases, and the eggshell becomes thinner.