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What Is The Role Of Agricultural Magnesium Sulfate
- Jun 29, 2018 -

Magnesium Sulfate also called the name of sulfur bitterness, bitter salt, diarrhea and other salt, generally refers to seven water Magnesium Sulfate and one water Magnesium Sulfate two kinds, Magnesium Sulfate can be used in industry, agriculture, food, feed, medicine, fertilizer and so on. Therefore, the ground network has specifically sorted out the role and application of Magnesium Sulfate in agriculture.

Magnesium Sulfate contains two major nutrients, sulfur and magnesium, and Magnesium Sulfate can not only increase crop yields, but also improve the taste of crops.

Because magnesium is the component of chlorophyll and pigment, it is the only metal element in the chlorophyll molecules. Magnesium can promote photosynthesis and promote the formation of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Magnesium is the activator of hundreds of enzymes, and it also participates in the formation of some enzymes and promotes metabolism in the body. Magnesium can improve the disease resistance of crops and prevent the invasion of germs.

Magnesium can also promote the formation of vitamin A and vitamin C in the body, thereby improving the quality of fruits, vegetables and other crops. Sulfur is essential for the synthesis of amino acids, proteins, cellulose and enzymes in crops.

At the same time, Magnesium Sulfate can also promote the absorption of silicon and phosphorus by crops.