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How To Improve The Purity Of One Water Magnesium Sulfate
- Jun 29, 2018 -

Any manufacturer of chemicals will be racking their brains in pursuit of higher purity. Magnesium Sulfate manufacturers are no exception. How to produce a higher purity of a water Magnesium Sulfate? Let's go and see it together.

1, first of all, we must improve the purity of raw materials, purchase or produce high purity raw materials. If the purity of the raw material is not high or even contains impurities, then the quality of the finished product can be imagined that the purity will not be high.

2, secondly, in the reaction process, do not mix other substances, including gas, to prevent the oxidation of gases in the reaction process and even other reactions.

3, then react and filter and purify according to need. Taking one water Magnesium Sulfate as an example, the industrial one water Magnesium Sulfate is added into a hot distilled tank with 80 to 90 degrees centigrade, and stirred by the side heating and dissolving to the mass concentration of 1. 21 grams of /cm2 with alkali to remove arsenic and heavy metals. After filtration, the color is Decolorated with activated carbon, and the concentration is 1.370g/ cm2 - 1.384g/cm2. The cooling crystallization is 25 - It was separated and washed at 15 C and dried in a vibrated fluidized bed at 50 - 55 centigrade. According to the different water quality, impurity removal, decolorization and washing degree, the high purity one water Magnesium Sulfate was obtained.