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Method For Obtaining Magnesium Sulfate
- Jun 29, 2018 -

We generally say how to prepare seven water Magnesium Sulfate. The following steps are as follows:

1. add some sulphuric acid to natural magnesia (magnesite) and then recrystallize to remove carbon dioxide. Finally get Magnesium Sulfate.

2. (sea brine salt bittern method)

The sea water is bittern bittern, evaporated by the mixed brine method, and produces high temperature salt. Its composition is MgSO4>30%, NaCI<35%, MgCl2 about 7% and KCl about 0.5%. Bittern can be dissolved in 48 MgCl2 at 200g/L, and NaCl dissolved less, while MgSO4 dissolved more. After separation, the crude MgSO4 10 7H2O was precipitated and the product was recrystallized by two recrystallization.

Third: (sulfuric acid method)

In the neutralization tank, the rhombus bitter soil is slowly added into the water and the mother liquid, and then neutralized with sulfuric acid, the color changes from the soil color to the red, and the pH=5 is controlled, the relative density is 1.37 to 1.38 (39~40 degree B E). The neutralization solution was filtered at 80 degrees centigrade, and the pH value was adjusted to 4 by sulfuric acid. Appropriate amount of crystal seeds was added and cooled to 30 degrees. After separation, the product is dried at 50~55 C and the mother liquor is returned to the neutralization tank. The low concentration of sulfuric acid and the Magnesium Oxide content of 65% of the bitter soil neutralization reaction, through filtration, precipitation, concentration, crystallization, centrifugal separation, drying, the preparation of seven water Magnesium Sulfate.

Reaction chemical equation: MgO+H2SO4+6H2O > MgSO4. 7H2O